Skin care born from researching the nature and land of Japan

Japanese herbs, Japanese rice, and other Japanese plant extracts are blended to deliver to your skin the blessings of nature that have been familiar to the Japanese people since ancient times.

The power of Japan
for sometimes sensitive skin.

We want to age gracefully and beautifully like the beautiful Japanese nature that changes with the days and years.

We have created a one-of-a-kind skincare product using Japanese herbs and other natural Japanese ingredients, and formulated it to suit the characteristics of Japanese skin.

It is designed to help maintain healthy skin and make it more beautiful as it gets older.

The skin's changes at any time will be a new beginning of your life with ORIFUSI.

ORIFUSI オリフシ モイストバイオセルロースマスク

Take care of your skin in transition and love it, too.

Just like the seasons, skin can fluctuate from day to day, from being in good shape to being somewhat dry.

ORIFUSI was born to accompany each person's skin on a daily basis and bring out its natural beauty.

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