ORIFUSI オリフシ 日本人の肌

What are Japanese skin characteristics?

What are the skin conditions peculiar to Japanese people?

People born and raised in Japan have a thin stratum corneum, well-developed sebaceous glands, and a thick dermis.

ORIFUSI Japanese skin

The reason is the climate of Japan.
Japan has four distinct seasons.
The temperature and humidity vary greatly depending on the four seasons, and the sebaceous glands develop due to the hot and humid seasons such as the rainy season and summer.

It thickens the dermis layer where the sebaceous glands are located.
And the stratum corneum tends to be thin to facilitate water evaporation.

ORIFUSI Japanese skin

In addition, the stratum corneum is thinner than Caucasian people, probably because the amount of ultraviolet rays is not so high compared to other countries, so the water retention capacity is lower.

Skin care method suitable for Japanese skin

・The stratum corneum is thin and the dermis is thick.
・Low water content and high oil content.

The point of skin care that matches the characteristics of Japanese skin is
It is to give plenty of moisture to the stratum corneum and protect the skin with an appropriate amount of oil .

Skin care products include

Those that contain a lot of oil and feel moisturizing,
A lot of surfactant is included and feels penetration,
A lot of polymers are included and feel a feeling of tension,

There are products with all kinds of usability, but in order to keep your skin healthy,
It is important to continue to use products that match your skin type.

skin care point

・Gentle facial cleansing that removes dirt from the skin and leaves an appropriate amount of oil ・Care that gives plenty of moisture to the entire skin with face masks and lotions ・Care that gives the skin an appropriate amount of oil with oil balms and creams

ORIFUSI Moist Bio Cellulose Mask

*Face masks can evenly moisturize the entire skin compared to lotions.
In addition, among face masks, the biocellulose sheet is a natural material derived from coconut, has a bouncy feel like nata de coco, has high moisture retention, and can deliver beauty ingredients to every corner of the stratum corneum.

With this point in mind, let's start today with skin care that doesn't put a strain on your skin.

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