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March 16, 2023,
ORIFUSI ( Orifushi) will be launched as a cosmetic brand.

"Seasons" and "Sometimes" in Japan
There is a word called "oribetsu" which means something like this.

Easy to fluctuate day by day,
Skin that changes with age
so that it feels dear to me,
with proper care
If you want to maintain a healthy beauty...
It is a brand name with such thoughts.

The key to ORIFUSI is “Wa Herb®”.
From the idea of ​​``Shindo Fuji'',
We focused on the power of plants that have grown in Japan since ancient times.

First of all, 7 kinds of selected Japanese herbs are blended
Start with a sheet mask.
By all means, please experience it with your own skin,
concept or product
I would appreciate it if you could sympathize.
Thank you very much.

ORIFUSI Brand Director Saori Naito
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