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Moist Bio Cellulose Mask 5 pieces (Limited time + 1 gift)

Moist Bio Cellulose Mask 5 pieces (Limited time + 1 gift)

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5 pieces (limited time + 1 gift)

For plump and glossy skin.

A luxurious blend of 7 carefully selected Japanese herbs
Approach to skin troubles that appear according to age
Kuromoji leaf/branch water Yoshino cherry leaf extract Tea leaf extract Hatomugi seed extract Dokudami extract

●Contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients from Japanese rice Just like freshly cooked rice,
Fluffy, moisturizing and moisturizing <br>Rice bran extract (produced in Akita Prefecture)
Hydrolyzed rice extract (produced in Hyogo Prefecture)
Sake lees extract (produced in Kyoto Prefecture)

Certified by the Japanese Herb Association.
sum herbs
* "Japanese herbs"
It is a registered trademark of the Japanese Herb Association.
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  • ORIFUSI オリフシ 和ハーブ

    Kuromoji leaves/branch water

    Soft fragrance as if you are bathing in a forest. Distilled water produced during the extraction of essential oils and contains moisturizing ingredients.

    (Aromatic component)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ ソメイヨシノ葉エキス

    Someiyoshino leaf extract

    Extract extracted from cherry leaves. Soothes easily fluctuating skin※1. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ チャ葉エキス

    Tea leaf extract

    As an anti-aging (skin) care ※2 ingredient, it tightens and firms the skin. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ ハトムギ種子エキス

    adlay seed extract

    It prepares the stratum corneum and keeps the moisture content of the skin. It prepares the texture and leads to glossy skin. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ ドクダミエキス

    dokudami extract

    Maintains healthy skin by balancing sebum and moisture. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ ツバキ花エキス

    camellia flower extract

    Extracted from the camellia flowers of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Brings moisture and luster to the skin. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • Alpinia leaf extract

    Gives moisture and keeps the skin firm and fresh. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ コメヌカエキス

    Rice bran extract (produced in Akita Prefecture)

    Extracted from the bran of purple rice. Rich in anthocyanin, it is an ingredient recommended for aging care*2. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ 酒粕エキス

    Sake lees extract (produced in Kyoto Prefecture)

    Extracted from sake lees made by traditional sake breweries. Contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients such as glucosylceramide, amino acids, and sugars. (Moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ 加水分解コメエキス

    Hydrolyzed rice extract (produced in Hyogo Prefecture)

    Hydrolyzed extract of organically cultivated rice by aigamo farming method with plant-derived enzymes. Fluctuation ※1 Cares for the skin. (moisturizing ingredient)

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ モイストバイオセルロースマスク

    98% of ingredients are naturally derived※3

    Free of colourants, mineral oils, surfactants, synthetic polymers, synthetic fragrances, alcohol and preservatives on the positive list of cosmetic standards.

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ モイストバイオセルロースマスク
  • Moisturizing power

    A gel-like material with excellent moisturizing power and adhesion.
    Delivers Japanese herb extracts and moisturizing ingredients to every corner of the skin.

  • Adhesion

    It has a smooth texture and adheres to the skin freshly.
    A sustainable, environmentally hygienic material that returns to nature when discarded.

  • ORIFUSI オリフシ 配送箱
    {"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"ORIFUSI's outer box is designed to double as a delivery box.\n We reduced wastage of resources and invested the saved costs in improving quality.\n After arrival, the outer box can be reused as a sheet mask case or hung on the wall."}]}]}

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Water, kuromoji leaf/branch water, BG, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, Alpinia purpurea leaf extract, Yoshino cherry leaf extract, tea leaf extract, adlay seed extract, Houttuynia cordata extract, camellia flower extract, hydrolyzed rice extract, rice bran extract, sake lees extract , betaine, trehalose, pullulan, ethylhexylglycerin, caprylyl glycol, xanthan gum, sodium citrate, citric acid

※1 Dryness, disordered texture due to dryness, etc. ※2 Skin care according to age ※3 Contains water