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Japan with 7 times more precipitation! Skin care for Japanese "ORIFUSI" rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign started!

The skin conditions of people living in Japan are in a harsh state during this period of temporary high humidity and temperature, which is unique to Japan with its four distinct seasons.
In order to support the skin at that time, the Japanese herb skin care brand “ORIFUSI” for Japanese skin will carry out the “Rainy Season Skin, Summer Skin Support Campaign” until August 31, 2023.
  • Japan's wonderful climate

● The amount of precipitation is 7 times that of other countries

Japan is a country with a lot of rain throughout the year.

Compared to other countries on the same latitude as Japan, the amount of rainfall is very high, and it is said that the amount of rainfall during the rainy season is more than seven times that of dry areas.

ORIFUSI Rainy season skin, summer skin campaign

Figure: "Osaka Kyoiku University Physical Geography II" material

● Japan with plenty of water in the rainy season

The power of a wide variety of plants is necessary to distribute a large amount of water sustainably.

About 70% of Japan's land area is covered by forests .

This percentage is the third highest among developed countries (OECD), and it is known that the number of tree species is diverse despite the country's small land area.

ORIFUSI Rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign
Graph: Data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Japan's topography is surrounded by the sea and has several large mountain ranges, which ensure water and temperature and keep it moist.

Due to its climate, plants grow abundantly and a wide variety of nature can be preserved.

>ORIFUSI "Japan's splendid topography, rich nature"

  • What ORIFUSI thinks about Japanese skin

The climate is characterized by high rainfall and high humidity unique to Japan.

The skin of Japanese people born and raised in Japan, as well as people living in Japan, is characterized by a thin stratum corneum, well-developed sebaceous glands, and a thick dermis .

ORIFUSI Rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign
Figure: Cross section of skin

The temperature and humidity change greatly depending on the four seasons, such as the rainy season and summer.

Due to the hot and humid season, the sebaceous glands develop.

As a result, the dermis layer, where the sebaceous glands are located, tends to become thicker , and the stratum corneum tends to become thinner to facilitate water evaporation .

In addition, the stratum corneum is thinner than Caucasian people, probably because the amount of ultraviolet rays is not so high compared to other countries, so the water retention capacity is low.

ORIFUSI Rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign

  • Skincare that suits the skin of Japanese people and people living in Japan

・The stratum corneum is thin and the dermis is thick.

・Low water content and high oil content.

The point of skin care that matches the characteristics of Japanese skin is

It is important to provide plenty of moisture to the stratum corneum and to protect the skin with an appropriate amount of oil .

If you apply too much oil to the skin with well-developed sebaceous glands, it will cause excess sebum, which can lead to skin problems such as acne and oiliness.

In addition, since skin with a thin stratum corneum has a low water retention capacity, it is prone to dryness, so it is very important to moisturize the entire skin evenly.

In addition, be careful not to give too much ingredients such as surfactants, polymers, and preservatives to your skin, as it will be a burden on your skin.

  • Moisturizing, sticky rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign

We support Japanese skin during the rainy season and the humid summer season!

ORIFUSI Rainy season skin, summer skin support campaign

"ORIFUSI Moist Bio Cellulose Mask" for a limited time, usually 5 + 1 gift! (A total of 6 pieces now!) Until August 31, 2023

【Product Summary】

Product name: “ORIFUSI Moist Bio Cellulose Mask”
Contents: 25ml x 5 pieces (6 pieces for a limited time!)
Price: 4,950 yen (tax included)

A face mask can evenly moisturize the entire skin compared to a lotion.

ORIFUSI Moist Bio Cellulose MaskORIFUSI Moist Bio Cellulose Mask

In addition, the bio-cellulose sheet is a natural material derived from coconut, has a bouncy feel like nata de coco, has high moisture retention, and delivers beauty ingredients to every corner of the stratum corneum .

Let's take this opportunity to do skin care that doesn't put a burden on your skin, even during the humid and sticky season!

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