ORIFUSI オリフシ 和ハーブ

What is Body Fuji

身土不二 (Shindofuji, Shindofuni)
The term,
It is an ancient Japanese idea derived from Buddhism,
It means that a people's It has the meaning of
"the human body and the land
of one's birth are inseparable".
For people living/born and raised in Japan,
The blessings from the land and nature of Japan are
inseparably important to them.
ORIFUSI, as a brand from Japan,
is committed to being MADE IN JAPAN
and makes the most of the natural blessings
from the land of Japan.
While there are many plants around the world
that are good for the skin,
ORIFUSI focuses on Japanese herbs.
Only useful plants collected in Japan are
carefully selected and blended.
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