ORIFUSI オリフシ 仁和寺 和ハーブコスメ

Origin of the name ORIFUSI

The name “ORIFUSI”

The name "ORIFUSI.
The word "ORIFUSI" in the brand name is an archaic Japanese word meaning from time to time.
The word is also used in the 19th paragraph of "Tsurezuregusa" written by Kaneyoshi Yoshida, a writer of the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

"The changes of the seasons are what make everything so wonderful."

In modern language, it is expressed as "The changing of the seasons is what makes everything so atmospheric".

Just like the seasons, your skin tends to fluctuate from day to day, sometimes feeling good and sometimes feeling dry.

It also changes slowly with age.
We may sometimes worry about how we treat our skin, but no matter what your skin condition is, it is your own precious skin that you will live with for the rest of your life .

"ORIFUSI" was born out of the desire to create a brand that properly cares for the skin at any given time to make it look its best, enjoy even the aging process, and enhance the natural beauty of each individual.

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