ORIFUSI  ブランドコンセプト

ORIFUSI brand concept

Written by Kenko Yoshida, a writer in the Kamakura period
The 19th stanza of "Tsurezuregusa" is,
"The change of seasons is
Be amused with everything. ”
starts with .
in modern terms
"As the seasons change,
No matter what you put it on, it's interesting."
is represented as

Just like the seasons, the skin
Good condition or somehow dry,
It is easy to fluctuate from day to day.
It also changes slowly with age.
Sometimes I have trouble dealing with such skin,
Whatever your skin condition, it will last you a lifetime
Your own dear skin.

Properly care for the skin of the folds (sometimes),
Arrange in the best condition,
I want to enjoy it even as I grow older.

Close to each person's daily skin,
Created to bring out your natural beauty.

The key is
"Wa Herb" is a traditional Japanese plant.
Pursuing prescriptions that match the skin conditions peculiar to Japanese people,
Reliable support for sensitive skin and adult skin.
Sticking to ingredients from Japan,
plump and fresh,
It leads to skin full of moisture and transparency.
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