ORIFUSI オリフシ モイストバイオセルロースマスク

ORIFUSI Moist Bio-Cellulose Mask

7 types of Japanese herbs and Japanese rice moisturizing extract wrap your skin.
My routine for today's and tomorrow's skin
Japanese herbs and extracts for Japanese skin.
A sheet mask containing 7 carefully selected Japanese herbs such as pearl barley seed extract and Houttuynia cordata extract that regulate daily fluctuations*1, Yoshino cherry leaf extract and Alpinia purpurata leaf extract that have anti-aging effects.
In addition, it contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients derived from rice that Japanese people have been eating for a long time.
The elegant scent of Kuromoji that gently tickles your nose invites you to be beautiful from within.
Make a habit of wearing a mask once or twice a week so that you can love your skin today and in the future.

Certified by the Japanese Herb Association
ORIFUSI Japanese Herb Association
An organization that proposes a new lifestyle for Japanese people through activities to rediscover the value of useful plants that have been grown in the climate of Japan and have been used by Japanese people for a long time.
ORIFUSI is certified by the Japanese Herb Association .
* "Wa Herb" is a registered trademark of the Japanese Herb Association.

Formulated with 7 kinds of Japanese herbs.
For skin full of moisture
Japanese herbs that have been handed down from ancient times are Japanese herbs.
After researching the power and ingredients contained in each, we carefully selected 7 types of Japanese herbs, including those with anti-aging*2 effects.
It is blended in a moisturizing, fresh beauty serum and applied to a sheet mask to deliver it to the skin.
A faint scent of kuromoji.

Contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients that are particular about Japanese rice
Formulated with rice bran extract containing vitamins and amino acids, and sake lees extract containing glucosylceramide and amino acids.
It also contains an extract that decomposes the protein contained in rice with an enzyme.
For plump, fresh and glossy skin like freshly cooked rice.

Naturally derived biocellulose sheet
Uses bio-cellulose, a gel-like material with excellent moisturizing power and adhesion.
Delivers Japanese herb extracts and moisturizing ingredients to every corner of the skin.
A sustainable, environmentally hygienic material that is smooth to the touch and returns to nature when discarded.

98% of ingredients are naturally derived*3
Enriched with the blessings of nature in Japan, for skin that feels moisturized and supple.
No coloring agents, mineral oils, surfactants, synthetic polymers, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or preservatives.
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