ORIFUSI オリフシ 米エキス

List of moisturizing ingredients derived from Japanese rice

ORIFUSI rice bran extract

Rice bran extract (produced in Akita Prefecture)

Extracted from the bran of purple rice. Rich in anthocyanin, it is an ingredient recommended for aging care*1.
(moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI sake lees extract

Sake lees extract (produced in Kyoto Prefecture)

Extracted from sake lees made by traditional sake breweries. Contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients such as glucosylceramide, amino acids, and sugars.
(moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI hydrolyzed rice extract

Hydrolyzed rice extract (produced in Hyogo Prefecture)

Hydrolyzed extract of organically cultivated rice by aigamo farming method with plant-derived enzymes. Fluctuation*2 Take care of your skin.
(moisturizing ingredient)

*1 Age-appropriate skin care *2 Dryness, disordered texture due to dryness, etc.

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