ORIFUSI オリフシ 和ハーブ

Japanese herb list

ORIFUSI Kuromoji leaves/branch water

Kuromoji leaves/branch water

A soft scent that makes you feel as if you are bathing in the forest. Contains moisturizing ingredients in distilled water that can be made when extracting essential oils.
(Aroma component)

ORIFUSI Yoshino cherry leaf extract

Yoshino cherry leaf extract

Extract extracted from cherry leaves. Soothes easily fluctuating skin*1.
(Moisturizing ingredient)

ORUFUSI tea leaf extract

Tea leaf extract

As an aging care*2 ingredient, it tightens the skin and prepares it for firm skin.
(moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI Coix Seed Extract

Coix seed extract

Conditions the stratum corneum and maintains the skin's moisture content. Improves texture and leads to glowing skin. (Moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI Dokudami Extract

Dokudami extract

Maintains healthy skin by balancing sebum and moisture.
(Moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI camellia flower extract

Camellia flower extract

Extracted from the camellia flowers of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Brings moisture and luster to the skin.(Moisturizing ingredient)

ORIFUSI Alpinia purpurata leaf extract

Alpinia leaf extract

Gives moisture and keeps the skin firm and fresh.
(Moisturizing ingredient)

※1 Dryness, disordered texture due to dryness, etc. ※2 Skin care according to age

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